Hardware in iVIS

One of the best advantages of iVIS architecture is its capability to work either with iVIS specific custom equipment or with any existing 3rd party cameras, NVRs and DVRs that you already have on your premises.

iVIGIL's built-in intelligence

The core components of iVIS equipment includes iVIS Digitall / Sentry / Hawk (or) IP / Analog / PTZ cameras that act as input, deterrents like strobes, sirens & 2-way audio systems and an Internet / VPN / 3G modem.





customized video analytics


remote monitoring

PA Message


iVIS hardware architecture is a multi-fold enhanced version of conventional CCTV in terms of its capability to proactively prevent theft and vandalism.

The hardware in iVIS surveillance equipment gives the operator the ability to intervene with onsite remotely operated deterrents like strobes, sirens and PA systems. It combines multiple technologies like video capturing, redundant storage, 3G/Wi-Fi internet, LED lighting, day/night vision, power backups, advanced video analytics and much more. More details on advantages of iVIS over a conventional CCTV.


Virtual security guards at our remote monitoring centers monitor the video streams 24x7 real-time. In case of an intrusion, the virtual guards trigger deterrents through 2-way audio, sirens and strobes to scare and warn the intruder to move away. In the case that the intruder persists, the guards call the police or site supervisor.

Integrated smoke, temperature, vibration sensors provide alert messages to the virtual guards immediately at the first sign of smoke, fire or vandalism. In such a case they immediately alert the local authorities and/ or the fire brigade.


Integrated sensors, intelligent microprocessor, remotely accessible power boards and back-up batteries permit remote servicing and management of the surveillance equipment.

Our time tested, customizable software i-VIGIL, takes care of the smooth functioning of all devices - it enables remote servicing,
self-healing, seamless communication even in low bandwidth conditions like 100Kbps and provides a wide stream of video analytics on any web-accessible device. More benefits of our proprietary software platform i-VIGIL.


iVIS equipment ensures seamless connectivity and prevents any loss of data with redundant power and storage back-ups. Your data is stored at 3 locations local, cloud and at the remote monitoring center.

In case of power failure, solar panels and back-up batteries power up the system and keep it on. In case of any untoward events like vandalism or detection of any malfunctioning of equipment, the
built-in intelligence in our microcontroller immediately backs up the data on cloud and remote storage.


We highly value your trust on us for safety. For that reason, we have taken care of implementing a maximum number of checks-

• To prevent any single thing from going undetected
• To continue operations at 100% efficiency even with any technical glitches

At present, we have two remote monitoring stations that operate 24x7 in Hyderabad and Amaravati, India. These locations are about 280 miles apart and function as full service backups in case of disasters and emergencies. Infrastructure at our service stations that add on to our client centric support and service

• Ample space for expansion at both locations
• Presently spread over 20,000 Sq. Ft. of Real estate with ultra modern facilities
• Additional 1 acre available for expansion Redundant power supply sources for 24x7 operation at both locations
• HT Connections from Grid
• UPS back up for all work stations and lighting for 2 hours
• Generator back up supplies to 100 % power requirement
• Multiple Internet carriers for 100% service uptime at both locations
• 85 Mbps leased lines with ring architecture
• Three separate vendors at both locations
• MUX termination

There are over 500+ well-trained security personnel work round the clock to remotely monitor and deter crimes before they occur. This adds on to say that we do not totally depend on technology, but use the best of it along with human intelligence and support.