Live Video Monitoring

  • Popular with over 20000+ installations globally
  • We install our custom pole / wall mounted mobile security appliances or use pre installed cameras
  • Our real time security monitoring systems are armed with police sirens, strobes and a PA Messaging system to function as deterrent for intruders
  • Video streams from these security appliances are monitored real time by security personnel from a remote location
  • Save 70% over security guards. Free trial available in most areas
  • Guaranteed theft prevention or your money back. (Guarantee)

Event Based Monitoring

  • Custom security appliances will be installed or existing cameras are used
  • Custom software package (iVIGIL) provides prompt warning on potential theft
  • Our security personnel will analyze the threat and deter intrusion if necessary
  • "Virtual Guard Tours" of the facility at frequent intervals
  • No false alarms to the owner as all events are analyzed by our personnel prior to Informing the owner or police
  • Extremely affordable

General Monitoring

  • Project Progress
  • Productivity Levels
  • Adherence to Safety Requirements
  • Timeliness of Arrivals and Departures
  • He-Said She-Said Disagreements
  • Video surveillance access control, you can monitor

Virtual Guard Tours

  • Comes without any additional cost
  • Live access to owners via web or iPhone app
  • Activity reports after significant events
  • Extensive experience with multiple clients