Software in iVIS

Our proprietary platform iVIGIL is a scalable video management and workflow solution in one. Its multiple modules resident in servers, work stations and in EDGE devices aggregates multiple inputs (video, Audio, sensors and other IOT devices), processes them locally with intelligent analytics before transmits the necessary information to our cloud servers. To avoid multiple false alarms, human intervention from our trained security personnel is necessary to initiate protective responses like sirens, strobes etc.

Also allows other authorised personnel to view happenings on multiple devices. Allows integration of multiple types of existing hardware and software modules. Its user friendly interface allows the client to view history, past events, on time percentage etc.

iVIGIL’s built-in intelligence

iVIGIL’s built in intelligence allows majority of predefined processing of video and other feeds at the client site without choking internet bandwidth. Also allows seamless integration of multiple locations in to a single view, allows deployment of “deterrents” like sirens, strobes etc,
self-healing of EDGE devices …. and more.





customized video analytics


remote monitoring

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Video Analytics

Using iVIGIL, you can get customized, clear-cut Video Analytics that suit your needs. Your specific video analytics requirements can be incorporated using the software, like masking out unwanted areas in camera view, drawing a virtual trip wire, setting the sensitivity and filter noise levels, integrating 3rd party analytics like access control, face recognition, etc.

You can also get visual alerts highlighting the area of change, auto-search, retrieve objects and track footfalls within a specified area, detect camera or network disconnect, power on/off, etc.


One of the best advantages of iVIS surveillance equipment is that the whole system can work even in low bandwidth.

To set this, we use H.264 video compression standard to compress the video footage from various cameras before it is transmitted. This advanced video-coding standard not only takes care of maintaining the best video quality, but also minimizes the effect of transmission errors.


iVIS Equipment and Software use 128 bit encryption to stream video & audio content over the net.

It is one of the most secure methods used in most modern day encryption technologies. 128-bit encryption is considered to be logically unbreakable.

Protection Against Failures

The software makes the system completely robust with peer-to-peer architecture that prevents a single point of failure. Also, Automatic failover management facilitates 24x7 operation. Pulse Monitor keeps a continuous check in tracking health & function of each device and provides alerts on network disconnect, video disconnect, etc.

iVIGIL ensures optimal functioning of hardware, software, OS and applications and has built-in intelligence to self-heal equipment in case of glitches. During power failure, software enables to switch over to power from solar panels and back-up batteries to keep the system continuously on. In case of any untoward events like vandalism, or detection of any malfunctioning of equipment, the software immediately backs up your important data on cloud and remote storage.

One Stop Service

At iVIS, we are committed to provide holistic surveillance for your city/ premises that includes seamless integration of the best of technology in terms of hardware and software and 24x7 real-time monitoring services to prevent crime even before it starts. We build, deliver, install, monitor and maintain surveillance systems.

You can choose to either use one or all of our solutions as it is built on an open architecture and can be easily integrated with 3rd party components. Over 500+ well-trained security personnel work round the clock in our state-of-the-art monitoring stations to remotely monitor your premises and deter crimes before they occur.